Abby Fisher: Yes, Education in Texas (and else where) Does Need to Change

By Grace O’Malley. 

Teach American history properly and we won’t have white people who believe in “reverse racism.”

It is worth noting that the majority of the Black Lives Matter protests that have gained attention and momentum have been in cities outside of the historical South: Ferguson, New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, Oakland.

As it turned out, the North was not the benevolent haven my grade school and high school textbooks taught me it was. If only the slaves could escape to the North, I learned, everything would be okay. But the North wasn’t exactly a great place for runaway slaves during the time of the civil war. It wasn’t that great for black people during Jim Crow either, or during Great Migration, or today. The neighborhoods and schools remain segregated, the income gap between black and white remains steep. Police violence against black men remains a constant in these cities.

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Moments of Awakening

By Grace O’Malley. 

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of white people in the fight for racial justice.


That our nation needs to undergo large-scale structural change is obvious. The systemic discrimination of black and brown people has been well documented by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Michelle Alexander, Bruce Western, and others. People have been talking about it, been writing about it, been protesting about it. Our criminal justice system is fucked. We’re building for-profit prisons while we chip away at our commitment to public education. We criminalize poverty and homelessness, conditions that our policies and economy create. Our society has explicit biases that keep people of color in the lowest rungs of society. We do not live in a post-racial society.

But how are we to change this? What is the role of white people in this movement?

I know that the nation needs to change its laws and policies. But to do this, don’t we also need to change people’s minds?

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The Force Awakens… with Diversity?!

By Theia. 

I don’t consider myself a Star Wars fan, especially since there are some crazy fans out there. But the trailer IS SO GOOD! It’s so good, even the people who acted in the film freaked out about it. The music is great, the shots are great, the costumes and design are great etc, but why is my feminist side SO PUMPED ABOUT THE STAR WARS EPISODE VII?


Adjusted to inflation, the Star Wars is the third highest grossing film of all time. Could the highest grossing film of this year, and possibly EVER have a woman and black male main characters?

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Devil’s Advocate for Columbus Day

Positionality: This is written by a half-white half-Asian female who grew up in New Jersey, and ever since leaving New Jersey has been teased by people who think NJ consists of nothing but ignorant Italian Americans that drive on highways.

Recently governments at the municipal and state level have been doing two things:abolishing Columbus day and adding an additional holiday, Indigenous People’s Day. From my understanding, this is coming from the defense that Columbus Day is not only the falsely-claimed European discoverer of the Americas, but that it praises a history of white Europeans conquering the Americas. Indigenous People’s Day then is a response by praising Indigenous/Native American/Indian  culture and their history on the same land.  I agree that it’s about time we change how we talk about our history.

I want to talk about Christopher Columbus and what he represents.

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How to Get a Rise out of a Young Feminist at a Fundamentalist Religious Convention

Written by guest blogger Amara

The past week has been an interesting one for me.

I’ve been at the SDA General Conference in San Antonio, after my parents generously decided to block out a whole 10 days from my already fleeting, quickly moving summer. But I guess I’ll forgive them for that eventually.

If you aren’t familiar, the Seventh Day Adventist church is based on these three boiled down notions:

  • Church happens on Saturday, not Sunday — from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.
  • Life is to be lived naturally + as straightedge as possible — many are vegetarian, no drinks or drugs.
  • Jesus is coming back to save those who have earned (enter sideeye here) it. And soon so like, get your shit together.

It seems simple because for the most part, it is. The Adventist life is a surefire way to live simply. This whole week is evidence of that, as I’ve been surrounded by people young and old, hetero families of all sizes with smiles on their faces. Adventists aren’t a flashy people, in fact most Adventists I have met are unassuming and well-intentioned.  Adventists are content.

And that’s where trouble starts for me.

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