Grace O’Malley swears like a sailor and takes her name from Irish legend. Thinking about capitalism, the patriarchy, and colonialism keeps her up at night. Her literary/academic crushes include Lisa Wade, rupi kaur, nayyirah waheed, Sandra Cisneros, Elizabeth Bishop, Karl Marx, and J.K. Rowling (obviously). She writes the “Throw Back Thursday” series. Check out her work.

Theia is the child Mulan and an Irish Nun would have raised together. She can ride a bike, use chopsticks, recite the Hail Mary, and play the violin. She started the quidditch club at her high school. A buddhist monk once asked for her phone number so they could go horseback riding. In her free (procrastinating) time, Theia watches chick flicks, despite the fact that her hatred of heteronormativity and male gaze makes fuels her with the passion of a thousand suns. She writes the “Half-Asian Gaze” series, where she talks about just that. Check out her posts.

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