Hillary Plays with the Doll House, Bernie Plays with the LEGOs

By Theia.

My sister likes playing with her doll house. The house itself is a very old an antique and very pretty. My sister has spent years filling up each room of the doll house. At this point nearly all the rooms have been fully furnished, down to the last spoon in the kitchen. All the people for the doll house have an elaborate story too. They all have a certain role in the dollhouse and have specific relationships with the other people in the house and my sister is very good at maneuvering through all these built stories. My sister uses all of her allowance to fill up her dollhouse. A couple times she got in trouble for abusing her allowance money to get certain items. In the end, she has a beautiful doll house she’s worked really hard one. There’s only one room left she needs to build…

My brother likes playing with his LEGOs. He likes deconstructing . He takes things apart and builds them back into something new. He’s not afraid to start completely from scratch. In fact, I think he likes it when all his space shuttles and boats get broken apart into little pieces again. The people in LEGOs aren’t that important either. They don’t have background stories, and you can switch their legs and heads with other pieces so you have different people doing different roles. My brother cares more about building the structures than building the character, but in the end the structures are all for the people anyway. My brother uses most of his allowance on LEGOs too, but he has so many pieces that he can just use the pieces he has to build what he wants.

Which toy do I like to play with? I really like playing with my sister’s doll house. Since I’m a girl it’s ok to play with doll houses. My sister let’s me be certain characters and her characters and my characters have to work together to solve mysteries.  My parents never bought me LEGOs but I like playing with my brother’s LEGOs too. But I don’t know how to build cool things like my brother, and I’m scared I’ll make something dumb so I just watch him build great and amazing things. When we play, he’s the leader and I just support what he’s doing. I like playing with the little people and putting them in the rocket ships and homes.

I don’t ask my brother to play with the doll house with me because I’m pretty sure he would think it was dumb. I’ve never asked, but boys don’t really like doll houses. So when we play, I always just suggest we play with his LEGOs, because it’s ok to play with LEGOs. In fact, it’s cool if girls play with LEGOs. It’s not cool to play with doll houses, so I don’t really tell people I play with dolls except my sister and a few of my close friends.

My family keeps on telling me I have to choose between the LEGOs or the doll house because there’s not enough room in the play room for both. Everyone keeps telling me this is a really important decision, which stresses me out. Then I remind myself that I like playing with both, that in the end either toy is fun to play with. I just REALLY don’t want that giant inflatable Taj Mahal moon bounce that takes up the entire play room. I heard that if the toy comes to the play room, we have to get rid of all the toys my mom has got us Afghanistan,  Algeria, Azerbaijan, Comoros, Egypt, Gambia, Iran, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordon, Kosovo, Libya, Maldives, Mali, Mauritania, Mayote, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Western Sahara, and Yemen.


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