Hillary Plays with the Doll House, Bernie Plays with the LEGOs

By Theia.

My sister likes playing with her doll house. The house itself is a very old an antique and very pretty. My sister has spent years filling up each room of the doll house. At this point nearly all the rooms have been fully furnished, down to the last spoon in the kitchen. All the people for the doll house have an elaborate story too. They all have a certain role in the dollhouse and have specific relationships with the other people in the house and my sister is very good at maneuvering through all these built stories. My sister uses all of her allowance to fill up her dollhouse. A couple times she got in trouble for abusing her allowance money to get certain items. In the end, she has a beautiful doll house she’s worked really hard one. There’s only one room left she needs to build…

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