Snapshot Memory

By Theia. 


“Stupid idiot!”

“Stupid idiot imbecile!”

For 12 year old self and my 10 year old brother, these were equivalent to curse words. This was a typical week-night dinner, with my brother and I at the kitchen counter, mostly done eating but still consumed in a fight. Mom already retreated to the barracks (living room). I don’t know how the fight started or ended, most likely because all of our fights blurred into one. The verbal battle consumed me with rage, and it was in this fight I threw a word bomb much bigger than I expected.

“You’re fat!”

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K.V. Switzer: First Woman to Compete in a Marathon

By Grace O’Malley. 

espnw_a_switzer1_mb_576_576In 1967, Katherine Switzer became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon. Women were not allowed to run, so she signed herself up as “K.V.” instead of her real name. Despite some men’s attempts to not let her finish, she did!